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From the dust jacket of The Chrysanthemum Garden, Simon&Schuster, 1981

From the dust jacket of The Executive Strategist, McGraw-Hill, 1969


JOSEPH COWLEY was born on October 9, 1923. He graduated from Columbia University in 1947, interrupting his academic career to serve two and a half years with the Army Air Force during World War II. The last few months of service were spent overseas as a bombardier with the Eighth Air Force, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star. He received his M.A. from Columbia in 1948 and taught English at Cornell University before entering sales. Most of his career was spent writing and editing material on sales and management for The Research Institute of America. Taking early retirement in 1982 to devote himself to fiction, he moved with his wife Ruth to Lebanon, Ohio, to be near the eldest of their four children and the two grandchildren existent at the time. They now have seven grandchildren: Jesse, Noah, Sarah, Samantha, Eliot, Sophia, and Sean, and live on Long Island.

Joseph Cowley is the author of the novels The Chrysanthemum Garden, Home by SevenLandscape With FiguresDust Be My DestinyThe House on Huntington Hill; the plays The Stargazers, Twin Bill, and A Jury of His Peers; two collection of shorter fiction, one called The Night Billy Was Born and Other Love Stories, the other Do You Like It and Other Stories; and, with Robert Weisselberg, The Executive Strategist, An Armchair Guide to Scientific Decision-Making. He has also collected some of his favorite writings in a book called "The Best of Joseph Cowley" as a tribute to his deceased wife, who would never in life have allowed her photo to appear in or on any of his books. His articles have appeared in trade and science journals, and his short stories in Prairie Schooner, New-Story, The Maryland Review, Ohio Short Fiction, and other literary journals and anthologies. He has recently completed a biography of John Adams (it is due out this month, May, 2009), working on a sequel to the adventure novel Dust Be My Destiny, and also writing a futuristic thriller called Don’t Shoot--I’m Not the Enemy. On the back burner are another short novel, and another historical play, this one about Leo Tolstoy and his wife Sophia.

NOTE: Joseph Cowley is listed in Who's Who, International Who's Who of Writers and Authors,Who's Who in the World, Strathmore's Who's Who,Cambridge Blue Book, National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals, 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, and other reference volumes. Among the organizations he is or has been associated with are Mensa, Great Books, Authors Guild, and a 12-Step program.

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Selected Works

Henry James was on of our great American writers, and The Golden Bowl is perhaps his most difficult book. A massive work of two volumes, each 450 words long, it has been simplied and reduced to one volume of less than 300 pages. For ESL students reading at level 4 of the Ladder series, or for readers of literature who want an easier read.
Alice slips down the rabbit hole and look what happens! She has a mighty tough time getting out. Can't wait to add Through the Looking Glass to my Classics Condensed by Cowley. Looking Glass involves chess and math. "In this country,"says the Queen, " you have to run twice as fast just to keep up." "The horror of that moment I shall never forget!" says the King. "You will," says the Queen, "if you don't make a note of it."
One of Tolstoy's greatest novellas, adapted for ESL students at level 4; or for anyone who wants an easier read of the classics. See Classics Condensed by Cowley for more.
An historical look at adultery under the Puritans, and the suffering it causes two people accused of it.
Novel abridged and simplified. Meets requirements for level 4 of Ladder series for ESL students.
A clear, concise, brief recounting of the life of our second President, the American Revolution, and the founding of this country
An Armchair Guide to Scientific Decision-Making for the busy executive
Once More With Feeling; The Chrysanthemum Garden; Another Great Day; He Says, She says; The Stargazers
Two older people find happiness in late-blooming love
Novel of a “lost weekend” told with brutal honesty
Novel of Great Depression bound to become a classic
CIA agent caught in rebellion to overthrow a brutal tyrant
A wealthy old man discovers the secret to eternal life
Conflict between Kepler and Tycho Brahe for the secrets of the solar system
A textbook salesman is accused of a horrible crime. Is he guilty? Who is to judge?
Two plays dealing with love that can be produced separately or on same bill
Stories about love at all ages, from teenage to nonage
"Strange" stories, of children playing a deadly game to the weird adventures of a clutch of explorers
Four novellas about love that have been reprinted in The Night Billy Was Born